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Operating rules for fibre cement board equipment production
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Raw material handling. The main raw materials produced by the production line of calcium silicate board equipment are quartz powder, diatomite, fly ash, slaxed lime powder, cement, calcium carbide mud, wood paper fiber, wolverite, cotton fib...
  1.Raw material treatment.The main raw materials produced by the production line of calcium silicate board equipment are quartz powder,diatomite,fly ash,slaxed lime powder,cement,calcium carbide mud,wood paper fiber,wolverite,cotton fiber and so on.Firstly,fiber slurry and quartz mortar are prepared,and then the prepared slurry is mixed with the original powder material in proportion to the slurry storage tank for subsequent use.
  2.Board stacking and demoulding.At this stage,the mortar made before is poured onto the industrial blanket,the blank is made through the vacuum system and the forming cylinder,and then the blank is cut into the forming blank with the cutting machine,and the pre-curing and de-molding are carried out.At this time,the calcium silicate board is basically formed,and this process is completed.
  3.Autoclave curing.In the autoclave curing stage,the autoclave we mentioned before is indispensable.At this stage,the high pressure and high temperature steam produced by the steam boiler makes the calcium silicate plate in the autoclave produce qualitative change,and then makes the calcium silicate plate become strong and durable.
  4.Edge grinding and chamfering sanding.The last stage of the process is relatively simple,is to do before the slab beauty,after drying,sanding,chamfering and other processes,so that the calcium silicate board is clean and beautiful.
Fiber cement board equipment production line
Fiber cement board equipment production line
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