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Cement fiber board equipment
Cement fiber board equipment
Fiber cement board equipment is characterized in that various raw materials are metered into a stirring kneader for rough mixing, kneading and kneading, and then the materials are uniformly fed to the high-pressure extruder through a conveyor belt for...
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Product Introduction / Introduction
       Fiber cement board equipment is characterized in that various raw materials are added to the mixing and kneading machine for rough mixing, kneading and kneading after being metered, and then the materials are uniformly fed to the high-pressure extruder through the conveyor belt for vacuum extrusion, and the slab is cut by the synchronous cutting machine After stacking, enter the curing room for pre-curing, use a stacker to separate stacks, high-pressure steam curing, and dry into a plain board, perform edge and surface finishing, and finally paint and package into a finished product; the pallet is returned for reuse and then used The process and equipment of the utility model can prepare hollow and solid fiber cement boards, the production process is fully automated, and the product quality is good.
Fiber cement board equipment
Fiber cement board equipment
   Asbestos fiber cement wave is made from raw materials such as ordinary Portland cement, cement fiber board equipment, asbestos fiber, alkali-free softened glass filament and paper pulp, which are processed by copying and other processes. It is easy to operate, low labor intensity, rich in raw materials, and can be mastered by both rural surplus labor and laid-off workers. The product has high profits and good benefits. The factory draws on the latest technology of fiber cement wavelet production at home and abroad, and according to the requirements of relevant national departments, the fiber cement wavelet production line designed and produced has a variety of models designed according to production capacity, degree of automation, and user funds. With reasonable design and advanced technology, this machine is an ideal fiber cement corrugated production line.
   Cement fiber board equipment, also known as fiber cement pressure board or cement fiber pressure board, is a new type of building board made of natural fiber and cement through pulping, forming, cutting, pressing and curing. It belongs to a new generation of "green" building materials, and has unique environmental protection functions on the basis of excellent moisture and fire resistance. It is based on siliceous and calcareous materials as the main substrate, cellulose fiber reinforced material, mixed with other auxiliary materials, and a new type of building material generated by copying and forming and high-pressure curing.
How much space does a cement fiber pressure plate factory need? If you use Fang Ruizheng and the cement fiber pressure plate production equipment, it needs about 5000 square meters, 70-80 meters long, 9-12 meters wide, and 7 meters high. For details, please contact Fang Rui Zhenghe technicians, we will design the most suitable cement fiber pressure plate production line and equipment placement for you.
  Materials and formulas for making fiber cement pressure plates:
  Silicone material: 10%
  Calcium material: 10%
   Fiber material: 15%
   Cement: 50%
   siliceous material: quartz sand, sandstone; calcareous material: cement quicklime powder, lime paste, slaked lime powder; fiber material: wood pulp fiber.
  The advantages of fiber cement board equipment production line:
   1. The production line of fiber cement pressure plate equipment is designed reasonably and investment is reasonable.
  2. How much power is required for the cement fiber pressure plate production line with high degree of automation? 300 kilowatts. General users need to match a voltage transformer of more than 500 kilowatts.
  User investment, convenient operation and stable operation.
  3. The processed pressure plate has a smooth surface, high density and strong shock resistance.
  4. The finished product rate of the production line processing is high, the output is large, and the energy consumption is low.
  5. It can be customized and can produce products of different specifications and materials according to user requirements.
  The advantages of the finished product processed by the fiber cement pressure plate equipment production line:
   1. Fireproof insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and insect-proof
  2, sound insulation, light weight, high strength, safe and harmless
  3, anti-insect and anti-termite, large bearing capacity, high flexural strength
  4. Deep processing is possible, good processability, free cutting, drilling, engraving and pasting
   Conventional specifications of fiber cement pressure plate:
  1200*2400(mm), 1220*2440(mm)
  The conventional thickness specification is 4-20(mm)
Scope of application of fiber cement pressure board: external wall hanging board, indoor (toilet) partition, sound-absorbing ceiling, curtain wall lining board, composite wall panel, outdoor billboard, metallurgy, electric furnace heat insulation board, electrical power distribution cabinet, transformer partition Wait.
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